Summer Savings

Summer is my favourite season. Camping, relaxing on my deck and cooking up meat in my smoker are a few of my preferred summer activities. It is easy to unwind in the summertime. The trick is to not let your finances slip by while enjoying these slower days. Balancing well deserved summer fun and long term financial goals can be difficult. We have a couple ideas for you on ways you can still have fun during your summer that don’t break the bank. 


Living outdoors for a few days allows you to take a step back from the rush of life. Fresh air and a slow pace create space for rejuvenation. It also helps you avoid shopping opportunities, in person, or online if you are so lucky to wind up in a location without internet. Camping is an easy way to set a short term budget on meals. You can shop for your food before camping with a budget to stick to and then you can’t go over your budget once you are away from it all. Camping also doesn’t need to be far from home to be worthwhile. With keeping gas prices in mind, you can find a location closer to home that still allows for a getaway. 

Cooking Outside

Using a BBQ or a firepit to cook up meals gives a fresh take on an otherwise simple spread. Switching things up food wise helps you take longer breaks between pricey restaurant visits and food delivery services. 

The Outdoors is FREE!

Visit parks, lakes, rivers and hiking trails that are available to you for some time outside. These visits can be as extravagant or as simple as you want. Invite friends, play lawn games (my favourite is Washers!), bring a book or some snacks, take pictures and enjoy! Summer is perfect for carefree time spent outside. 

Grow Your Own Food

Whether it’s a simple mint plant or a grand garden, growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs is a great way to save some money. You can even save yourself some money in the months to come by harvesting and preserving parts of your crop. 


A summer budget allows you to know how much money you can spend on fun, while still managing your responsibilities and long term financial goals. Budgeting provides financial freedom. If you are looking to take some time this summer towards financial planning, our office is happy to assist you with that. 

DIY or Repurpose Old Items

Instead of taking a trip to the store to buy brand new, look for ways online that you can revamp items you already own! With a little help from the internet, dining room chairs, wall art and bathroom touch ups, can all be redone by you! The summer is the perfect time to tackle these tasks. 

Take It Easy

Find some time to relax. Sunshine soaking, sleeping in and walks around your neighborhood all count as summertime activities and are 100% free. 

What are your favourite summer activities? Have some ideas on how to save money in the summer? We would love to hear your stories! Message me on social media or email me at