What We Do

Life plans require financial plans.  Financial planning is planning for your life.

We want to help you plan for the best of times and prepare you in case there are the worst of times. We’ll help you protect your family and your assets, plan for a worry-free retirement, your kids’ post-secondary education, and your dreams.

Insurance is a way to Protect Your Lifestyle.  We are accustomed to the things we do from day to day and for fun!  Without proper insurance planning, these plans can quickly be taken from us.  There are many types of insurance that can be used to protect the financial planning you have put in place for yourself, your family, your business and your partners.  These may include, Life, Critical Illness, Disability Health and Dental (Individual and Group) as well as Travel Insurance.  Make sure your loved ones are protected financially from life’s unexpected turn of events.

Your custom financial plan helps to answer questions and provide direction on how to meet your goals.  The most common question Dan hears when meeting with a new client is, “Will I have enough to retire?” and “When will I be able to retire?”  Every individual, family and business owner has a different idea of what their savings will be used for and when.

A Financial plan can assist with your insurance, investment, tax planning as well as estate planning.

CFP – Certified Financial Planner

EPC – Elder Planning Counsellor

What does retirement look like to you?  What are your plans for your savings and investments?  Are you looking to pay for a child’s wedding or post secondary schooling?   Does it include volunteering, travelling or a little of everything?  As Dan gets to know you and your goals, the investments and how they are held can be determined to benefit you.

Do you need assistance determining if you are benefiting from RRSP or TFSA contributions?  Have you changed jobs and need to make decisions with your pension?  Are you moving into retirement and want to understand your income streams?  Dan enjoys explaining how you may be best suited to proceed.