Dan’s Naughty and Nice Lists

Christmas is right around the corner. The big guy in the red suit has made his naughty and nice list and claims he checked it twice. I figured I should share my naughty and nice list. 

Nice List

  • Oilers fans.
  • Utilizing an insurance company that specializes in travel insurance. (Protecting your wallet when travel plans don’t go as planned.) 
  • Shopping local.
  • Maximizing Tax Free Savings Account and RRSP contributions through monthly pre-authorized debit.
  • Including “fun” items in your monthly budget. 
  • Coke Cola loyalists. 
  • Utilizing investments that have death and and maturity guarantees – to assist with protecting your retirement and or estate. 
  • Including life, disability and critical illness insurance to your monthly budget.

Naughty List

  • Flames fans.
  • Relying on credit card “travel insurance” when traveling out of the country. 
  • Giving big corporations interest free loans by preloading your gift cards.  
  • Waiting until March 1st to make your 2022 RRSP contribution. 
  • Pepsi loyalists.
  • Believing everything in the media is real and abandoning your financial plan. 
  • Relying on winning the lottery or a go fund me and calling it a financial plan. 

Do you think I am  missing anything from my lists? 

If you are curious about why my lists say what they do, or want to learn more, book an appointment with me. I am happy to assist any Flames fans to make the leap to the right side of the Battle of Alberta. 😉 

Merry Christmas from our family to yours and happy new year!