Humans have placed a great deal of importance on this time of year. When we collectively step into a new year. For many of us, it’s a time to reflect, evaluate and put effort into an aspect of life we decide that requires our attention and improvement. This year your focus may be drawn to your health or breaking a bad habit. Perhaps this is the year you decide to turn your attention to bettering your financial situation. 

This can look different for everyone. From diversifying your investments to enforcing a required strict budget to finally setting your loved ones up with Life Insurance. Any of these steps are huge in your financial wellbeing. This blog has the purpose of putting some of these big steps into perspective. 


Whether you have a lot or a little money, budgeting is a foundation to your overall financial health. Keep in mind, a budget means factoring in money dedicated to fun! If you know how much you need set aside for expenses you will know how much you have left over for good things! Budgeting = financial freedom. 


It has been reported that the happiest investors are the ones that check the markets annually, compared to those that get up first thing in the morning to see what the markets are doing.  Although this may be true for the investor, it is a good idea to have an advisor review your investments regularly and make sure they are still meeting your goals and your situation.


No one likes to think about what will happen to their spouse/kids if they become too ill to work or pass away. But if the worst case scenario occurs, and your kids are left with the protection of insurance from you, that will be another way they will know how much you care and love them. Now is the time to make that precautionary measure. Insurance is better 10 years early than 10 minutes too late. 

Financial Plan

Knowledge is power and knowing your own finances allows you to make the best choices for you. A cookie cutter solution will not work in your best interests when you have needs specific to your life situation. 


Our office is a big fan of self improvement, especially in the financial department. We are a one stop shop and can assist you in the areas you want to see improved this year. You don’t have to figure it all out on your own. If you have any questions or want an appointment give me a call or contact me through my email at We can meet virtually or in person. 

Happy new year! We hope you will be able to look back on 2023 and see the year of your financial improvement!